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Why share? Your input will help shape work and priorities under Vision 2032. We can leverage our resources, and attract new resources, to support your projects if included in the plan.

Groups Providing Input

We invite you to provide input if you are a representative speaking on behalf of an organization or formal group that takes care of the environment in any part of the Narragansett Bay region – through advocacy, education, management, fundraising, planning, conservation, stewardship, or other.

Please submit feedback that represents your group. To submit personal input, please use the individual form (you may fill out both).

Vision 2032
Group Input Form

This form is for input on behalf on an organization or group that works in some capacity to take care of the environment. We’ve provided a series of topics to spark thoughts, concerns, and ideas relating to your work tackling environmental issues.

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Please use the social media buttons below share this group form with other organizations in your network and consider navigating to the personal input form to share it with your constituents and with your friends, family, and colleagues (use the Submit Another Entry button).

Type your input into the spaces provided. All input is voluntary and anonymous if you choose not to submit your organization’s name. Your information will not be sold. Click ‘Submit’ at the end of the form. If you navigate away from this page, your progress will not be saved.

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This form is for input on behalf of your group/organization. Would you like to provide personal input?
Individual Input Form

If you prefer to talk to a real person, contact us at to set up an appointment.

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