Vision 2032 Subcommittee Meeting 8

This event has already taken place

Join NBEP as we resume the Vision 2032 planning process! Last year, we put Vision 2032 meetings on pause, but we’ve been working behind the scenes to synthesize the tremendous work that you have put into our Vision 2032 meetings to date. We are excited to convene a fully in-person meeting next month to keep moving forward. This meeting is open to anyone interested in joining the planning process – new faces are welcome!

During this meeting, we will:

  • Review a list of proposed Vision 2032 Objectives, Actions, and Tasks;
  • Assess potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts of the proposed actions;
  • Develop draft revisions to the proposed actions and tasks based on the identified impacts that maximize benefits and reduce burdens, especially relative to our critical lenses of climate resilience, sustainability, and equity.

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